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​Advantages of Company

Advantages of Company

NO.1   Power saving more than 70%!

       Example:AC12038 2600RPM: Normal AC fan with 20W, RUNDA EC fan only 5.6W!

NO.2   AC TO DC fan cover the weakness of normal AC fan!

       Example:the speed can reach 4800RPM, but the highest speed of AC fan is only 3000RPM!

NO.3   No need change-over, used at 110V and 220V both!

       Example:ADC12038 at AC100V~230V, its speed remains at 2700RPM!

NO.4   High Airflow and Airpressure but Low noise!

       Example:RDF25489 3500RPM 1223CFM 40.89mmH2O

NO.5   Light Vibration,Super silent------For Advanced Applications!

       Example:Three-phase 17251 600RPM <18DB for Air Purifier。

NO.6   Waterproof and Dustproof:

       Example:IP55 to IP68

NO.7   Many kinds of Speed control!

       There are PWM control,Voltage Control,Voltage Risister Control, Temperature control etc..

NO.8   Many different signal output for choosing!

       They are FG(Frequncy Generator), RD(Rotation Detection), LD(Low Detection).

NO.9   Ultimate temperature Design!

       The fan can work at -40℃.

NO.10  Wide voltage range, Constant Speed, used in communication industry!

       Example:RDF17251B48F55PS can work at range 30V~75V with the same speed.

Advantages of Company